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Amir Shirts Ltd. , a sister concern of A Plus Industries Ltd. has a reputation in ready made garments sector.

Amir Shirt Ltd. is one of the leading ready made garments manufacturer in Bangladesh and in the world. The company produces some of the most fashionable garment products and owns one of the most comprehensive and resourceful manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh.

Through a wide range of products & services, Amir Shirt Ltd. has earned the goodwill of reputed brands from across the globe. Producing over 15 million pieces of garments per year, it is among the largest vendors in Bangladesh for both Inditex and Kik.

We create products that make people feel stylish, comfortable and special from birth to maturity. We aim at an integrative approach in producing our products which focuses on innovation, advanced technologies and special attention to our customer’s needs and lifestyles.

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What We Do ?

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.

- Steve Jobs

  •   We are one of the leading supplier of readymade garments
  •   We are the trendsetter in the apparels industry.
  •    we hope to provide a superior level of service than they are accustomed to.
  •   We believe in fashion


To be one of the best apparel manufacturing company in global market by satisfying valued customer with quality products & services on time.


Our passion for innovation and our efforts to excel is synergized by cutting edge technologies, processes and practices with sustainable development that produce high quality and economically advantaged garments, whilst demonstrating respect for customers, stakeholders, society and the environment. We always promote development ensuring unprejudiced and equal opportunities for all. Amir Shirts is the place for adapting positive changes to meet the challenges of global market. Quality, Safety, Integrity, Moral, and Productivity are our main motto.

Why You Choose Us ?

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

- Aristotle

  •   We create products that make people feel stylish, comfortable
  •   We are committed to supporting our customers
  •   We are committed to being a safe and healthy work place
  •   We focuses on innovation


Men Fashion

We produce thousands of style for men.

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Women Fashion

We produce thousands of style for women.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Environmental Measures

Our Industry always try to consume energy and raw materials in an efficient manner. By doing so the company can be profitable and environmental friendly as we believe.

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Health & Safety

We always try to ensure safe usage of machine and equipment by our workers and we provide proper training for that. We also try to provide a good natural environment in the surrounding areas of the factory which paves the way to provide a good environment inside.

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Human Resource

We invest in training Managers and Supervisors, a company strategy to improve factory efficiency. We also have well trained and motivated managers and stuffs who prompt good working environment and sound relation with the workers.

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Green Building Architecture

We construct our factory in such an eco friendly manner that abibes by the rules and regulations of the US "LEED" and the US Green Building Council(USGBC). As a result we are certified by this program for our act to build factory environmentally-friendly and energy efficient.


We have several clients abroad and we try to maintain a good relationship with them. They have given positive feedbacks on our performance.

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Our industry is not confined with the regular products only. We are seeking for innovative solutions in the production. We have achieved glorious success in different sectors for our innovations.

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