Amir Shirts Limited (ASL) is an Accord enlisted and LEED approved Green ready- made garments factory based in Bangladesh. ASL was founded in 2014, however, its journey started long before when the founder Mr. Mohiuddin Ahmed Bhuiyan Naim began his career in this sector and acquired his lifelong experience before utilising them to build this state-of-the-art facility together with skilled professionals.

ASL manufactures all types of woven garments including denim, poplin, viscose, flannel, Polyester and many more along with few knit items. Garments are not limited to shirts and tops only, these as well include trousers, skirts, swimwear and jackets for every age and gender.

Since its inception, ASL ensures superior quality, excellent workmanship and on- time delivery of the products in order to maintain pleasant business relation with its buyers. One of the strengths of ASL includes skilled and experienced personnel. It operates a complete and systematic merchandising department that comprises professionals with comprehensive experience and dynamic knowledge to cater the needs of the customers. Besides, the R&D and sampling department is supervised by trained engineers to certify quality and efficiency. ASL also possesses intense outsourcing capability for fabrics and accessories to fulfil customer demand.

Assurance of providing safe working environment to employees and complying with labour rights are in the core of ASL. Child care facility and emergency medical assistance are in place, and fire drill is practiced periodically in ASL.

ASL always tries to exceed customers’ expectation with its quality and service. As of today, we are connected to many countries around the world through pleased buyers.