Amir Shirts Ltd (ASL) believes in sustainability and reducing carbon footprint on mother nature. The company also works for the wellbeing of its workers and the community. CSR activities of ASL involve good management and business practices, and can be divided into two major aspects- Social & Environmental.

Social Aspect: ASL provides the following support and service to its workers and the community as part of the CSR activities,

  1. Medical assistance and advice from specialist in case of emergencies
  2. Complete day care centre for children of employees
  3. Ration to its workers
  4. Aid to the orphanages in rural areas
  5. Relief to the underprivileged citizens
  6. Vocational training to people
  7. Sponsoring cultural events


Environmental Aspects: ASL pays detailed attention to its internal environment and management system as well as strives to take care of its surroundings and external environment. Some notable results are,

  1. Efficient use of raw materials, land and energy
  2. Good lighting and ventilation system inside the factory
  3. Systematic disposal of wastage
  4. Clean toilets and other facilities
  5. Purifying and reuse of water
  6. Greeneries surrounding the plant